Imagine if students could learn about energy in the real world with real issues and in the process help a small business save energy. 

Green Impact Campaign is doing just that - helping students learn about energy while helping small businesses save energy. We provide students across the country with training and tools to conduct free energy assessments for small businesses in their community. 

In the past two years, we've empowered 300 students to help 700 small businesses find over $1 million in energy savings.

Please join us and donate today so that we can empower the next 100 students! Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. 

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Small businesses in the US alone contribute $60 billion in energy costs every year - enough energy to power one-third of the homes. Unfortunately, most small businesses owners lack the time, knowledge, or resources to know where to begin in saving energy. So as a result, most do nothing.

At the same time, millions of students want to learn about energy and help solve climate change. But, not all students learn in a classroom. And that's why only one-third of students studying sustainability feel prepared for a job after graduation.

Green Impact Campaign is a win-win - helping students learn about energy while helping small businesses save energy. We get students out of the classroom and into their community where they learn by doing impacting.


"Gaining hands-on experience versus hypothetically talking about energy savings was what made Green Impact Campaign such a great experience!" -Sofia B., Student

"Green Impact Campaign has given me the boost in skills and confidence that I need to go out in the world and be a true sustainability leader!" - Cara B, Student 

"Working with Green Impact Campaign students was very beneficial to my restaurant. We were provided with a thorough assessment and shown affordable opportunities to be more energy efficient." - Adam A, Restaurant Owner


Our work has been recognized by  Greentech Media Forbes Huffington Post New Global Citizen, and  O'Reilly Media. And has received the following awards:

  • 2016 DC Sustainability Award
  • 2016 50 on Fire Award
  • 2016 Halcyon Incubator Fellow
  • 2015 Rising Star of Energy Efficiency Award
  • 2015 Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow
  • 2014 Echoing Green Climate Fellow

Green Impact Campaign is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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